Types of Allergic Reactions in Human Body

Allergy is any reaction of the body against any type of allergen. You can get allergy from your parents and it is a genetic factor while in some cases it becomes an environmental factor. There are specific allergy symptoms that are related to different kinds of allergies. The initial or the first symptoms are called as the mild allergic reactions. The mild allergy includes some kinds of localized as well as the non localized allergies that can cause some sort of mark development on your skin. The congestion is other symptoms of mild types of allergies and it can further induce some types of marks on your skin.
There are many other types of allergy symptoms that are included in the moderate types of allergic reactions. These symptoms are more aggressive and tend to be non-localized in most of the cases. These symptoms can induce some kind of breathing issues and the itching spreads in the whole body. Some time it happens that the symptoms are badly affected by the type of the environment. In case of the hostile environment the allergies tend to be worse as well as affects at bad levels. The serve form of symptoms includes the itching at higher levels, gastric issues, nervous responses and above all unconsciousness for an indefinite period of time. The type of response is determined by your immune system and the blood circulation.
Hence it can be concluded that there are three possible types of allergy symptoms. The moderate symptoms are easy to treat and the severe symptoms are difficult to manage. You can avoid these symptoms by taking a good care of your health and there are several vaccines that are available to control some kind of allergic reactions but not all. Similarly the environmental conditions also matters in most of the cases.