Deadly and Alarming Signs of Allergy

Allergy is a name of extreme sensitivity to certain things. Environmental allergens are; chemicals, dust mites, molds, animals and pollens. Indications of being allergic involve sneezing, inflammation, coughing, watery eyes, itching, crusting and some other allergic salutes like dark circles, swollen eyes, rubbing nose to such an extreme causing a mark on the nose etc. People who are sensitive to airborne allergens feel much difficulty when catch allergy.
Sneezing is mostly associated with dripping and blocked nasals, coughing severely damages the nasal cavity, itching and craving of nose, eyes, head or neck, dark circles, swollen eyes with crusting eyelids causing red rimmed eyes and inflammation leading to watering red eyes. On the other hand in people who are not so sensitive mucus moves to the nasal passage or on the other side of nasal cavity where it is coughed out or swallowed.
When a person feels allergy his body tissues and membranes release different chemicals like histamine in order of reaction. These chemicals reduce the size of cells forming blood vessels in the nose; as a result mucus membrane and nasal cavity is swollen and congested because of the inflammation of nasal passage. This inflammation leads to cough, headache, watery eyes etc. Clamps, difficult breathing and vomiting are also some fateful allergy symptoms.
Reaction depends on the sensitivity and involvement of the body part. Allergy symptoms can be warning signs at some time. Allergic rhinitis is caused because of microscopic particles in the atmosphere. Some people are also allergic to rat poison, sunlight, plants, flowers, drugs and cosmetics. Some nuts, food fish, milk products can also lead to allergy. If not cured timely allergy symptoms can be very fatal and deadly.