Common Allergies and their symptoms

Allergy reactions differ from person to person. These can be caused due to a number of reasons and each reason has a different symptom. Allergy symptoms are not difficult to recognize. It depends which factor causes an allergy. You may have an allergy problem due to food, molds, pollen grains and insects.
Symptoms of allergies appear on the affected part of the body. When you have an allergy due to dust or similar element which you breathe then it causes symptoms to appear on the nose and eyes. Food allergies cause stomach and skin problems. Allergy symptoms start from mild to severe. Want to know what are common types of allergies and their symbols? Check below the list of these allergy types with their common symptoms.
Hay fever:
Its symptoms are obvious and affect the nose and eyes. Itchy and runny nose are a major symptom of this allergy rhinitis. Along with a nose you also feel watery eyes in severe cases.
Well known type of skin allergy is Eczema. It is also called Atopic dermatitis. In this type of allergy people suffers from skin itching and redness. It also causes skin peeling. Doctors recommend ointments and tubes to apply on skin where this allergy occurs. It may last for years if treated badly. Try to get rid of it as early as possible.
Food Allergy:
Food allergies influence mouth and stomach. You feel stinging mouth and swelling of the face and throat is usual cases. In severe cases it may cause anaphylaxis.
Drug allergy:
These allergy symptoms cause skin itching and redness. They also affect the face and cause it to swallow. Wheezing and Anaphylaxis are also symptoms of drug allergies.
All the allergies which cause anaphylaxis create a life threatening issue. You may feel severe problems like unconsciousness and shock. Your pulse also starts disappearing and breathing becomes a problem. Nausea, vomiting and other similar symptoms also represent Drug and insect allergies.