Allergy Symptoms and Its Effects

Most of the people do have allergies that started from the day they are born. More often, it is a hereditary in a way a parent can transfer his/her allergies to his/her child. But anyway, what is exactly an allergy and allergy symptoms?
Allergies are unusual reactions felt by our body usually caused by a substance that triggers abnormalities from the physical appearance inside and out of our body. Any substance that causes such unusual reactions is called allergen. Different allergens affect different types of bodies. One example of allergen is what we smell in some pollen of flowers. Allergic Rhinitis is an allergic reaction that is caused by inhaling allergens straight to our nose, and in effect, non-stop sneezing takes place which when come to worse, will tend us to blow our noses hardly causing bleeding if not prevented.
Asthma is also a form of allergy. Just like allergic rhinitis, it can be triggered by means of inhaling an allergen. Possible effects of Asthma includes difficulty in breathing, continuously dry coughing, phlegm producing coughs. Skin Asthma has an effect on our skin aside such as having red marks in neck and any other parts of the body. It is one of the most common allergy symptoms. This is a type of allergy which is mainly usually caused by taking substance inside our mouth, so we should be very careful about the purity of those substances.
Allergic Dermatitis is caused by an intake of food substance that triggers the said allergy. Usually it is caused by substances in certain food that contains allergens. Its effect includes redness of skin, having unusual wounds as well.
Contant Dermatitis is caused by allergen came from plants, cosmetics, and any other things that when touched, it creates a much bad effect on our skin. Usually exposing our bodies near shrubs affect us by much more itchiness. Urticaria is an allergy cause by medications that when intake internally, it causes abnormalities inside and out our body. Possible effect of Urticaria includes redness of neck, vomiting, stomachache, etc. Allergens can be intake internal and external. There is no exact cure as of now for some allergies. Above are the all allergy symptoms.