Allergy- A Real Time Problem That You May Have

All of you out there would have had an experience of any sort of allergy at some stage of their lives or if not have had experienced themselves, must have seen somebody near them suffering from any kind of allergy. Allergy can be on any body part whether the skin, lungs, eyes, digestive track etc. The allergy usually is inherited, by birth or caused due to a medicine’s reaction to the body or even due to hah climatic conditions.
The pharmaceutical companies have now come up with various allergy medications that help cure the symptoms of the disease. They can be in the form of pills, eye drops, nasal sprays, skin ointments, creams and injections. In case if you know what allergy medication would be suitable for curing your problem you can ask for it as would be available on the counter, however, for certain such medications you need to have a prescription of your medical practitioner with you.
The normal type of medications that are available in the market comprise of corticosteroids that are available to the patients only with the doctor’s prescription due to certain side effects. The usual function of these corticosteroids is to prevent the emission of such chemicals that cause the symptoms of the said disease while having an allergic reaction. These further include:
Nasal corticosteroid sprays that help relieve the nasal stiffness, runny and itchy nose and sneezing problems. However, they do have certain side effects like oral yeast infection, nasal irritation and unpleasant odor and taste.
Corticosteroids skin creams and ointments help cure skin allergies like scaling, soreness and itching of skin with their probable side effects as the skin discoloration and itching.